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Authentic Student Feedback :

"I got AIR 21 in CLAT PG. Thank you so much. Your mocks helped me a lot in my preparation :)" Ayushi Jain
"I have subscribed to your CLAT PG program and got AIR 36 in this year CLAT PG. I have also secured AIR 54 in AILET PG exam. I would like to thank you. Your mock paper really helps a lot" Shrashank Tripathi
"I would like to thank you for the CLAT PG LLM COURSE. Practising mock tests there helped me in getting confidence and hence I was able to get AIR 45 in CLAT PG LLM" Akshay Awasthi
"A year back, I relied on the IIT Kharagpur RGSOIPL mock test series by LawMint to prepare for my RGSOIPL entrance test. Few months back, I relied on your UGC NET Law series to prepare for UGC NET. I was the topper of the RGSOIPL entrance, and have cracked JRF in UGC NET. All thanks to LawMint" Anshuman Sahoo
"Just wanted to let you know that I have cleared JRF with 99.99th percentile. Thank you for all your help and support that made it possible." Kanchan Yadav
"Got AIR 41 in AILET thanks for your guidance" Shubham Saini
"Thanks, for getting me a good score in AILET PG, I got a seat in NLU Delhi" Adv. Ankit Kumar
"Hello...I had taken your subscription for CLAT & AILET PG. It helped me a lot. Finally..I have taken admission in NLU DELHI.
Thanks for the support"
Md Asadullah
"Thank you so much for the UGC NET test series. I finally qualified the exam. It was possible because of the mock test series provided by your team." Robin Jaiswal
"I got AIR 18 in CLAT PG and General Category rank 28 in AILET PG. I want to thank you for helping me practice well in controlled conditions from any place. It gave me a lot of confidence and I took the tests while travelling too. I also made it to IIT Kharagpur." Vinodharani
"Lawmint has been of great help to me in securing AIR 25 in AILET PG and AIR 29 in CLAT PG examinations. The subjective and objective approach of the test series kept me up to date with the latest exam pattern." - Bhawna Nanda
"I was preparing for Delhi University entrance exam for LL.M . Thank you for your mock test it helped me a lot during my preparation. I secured 9th rank in du llm entrance exam and I would like to mention your lawmint test which gave me confidence day to day which leads me to give my best." - Sonalika Rauniyar
"I, Nimmy Saira Zachariah joined you clat test series. I cleared AILET PG with 30th rank. Your test series were of immense help as it gave me clear idea of where my preparations stand thankyou once again law mint." Nimmy S Z
"I can't thank lawmint enough. The kind of support i received from them is appreciable.I used to practice their mocks religiously. Their mocks proved very helpful in evaluating My strong areas and the weak ones as well.Constant evaluation becomes quite indispensable to crack an exam like clat pg." - Adiba S
"I, purchased your mock test series for CLAT PG and am pleased to inform you that I got an All India General Rank-243. I bought it and practised it for months. It was of great help. I put NLSIU as my first choice so I'm hoping I'll get a seat there. I am really grateful to Lawmint." - Rashi Upadhyay
"Hey guys. Where do I start? If I thought that getting AIR 59 in Clat PG was it, then how wrong I was. With Lawmint now I have cracked UGC NET as well." - Joyanta Chakraborty
"Hey I just wanna thank u guys. I took the CLAT LLM PG course available in Lawmint. I bought it and practiced it for months. Got AIR 59 this time. It was of great help. I am really grateful to Lawmint" - Joyanta Chakraborty
"I'm a student of Lawmint's CLAT and AILET PG mocks, and I have to say that they've been most helpful. I bought multiple other mocks from others, but none of them came even close to Lawmint's." - Kanchan Yadav
"Just letting you know that I got an AIR 86 in CLAT. But it wouldn't have been possible without your mocks. I believe the exams went rather well even though the CLAT PG paper was harder than the previous years'."
"I, purchased your mock test series for CLAT (LL. M.) and am pleased to inform you that I got an All India General Rank - 49. I would like to thank your entire team for preparing such a comprehensive and helpful study material." - Ratnapriya Shrivastava
"I have been a satisfied user of the CLAT PG test series. It has helped me achieve a good rank in CLAT (PG). I intend to know whether you have a similar test package for the UGC NET preparation exam." - Saptarshi Das
"You people are a revolution. Highly recommended for every CLAT PG & NET aspirant."
"Thank you. It would not have been possible without your guidance."
"I put NUJS as my first choice, so I'm hoping I'll get a seat there. And I'm really glad that I bought the mocks from Lawmint and will definitely recommend it to my friends as well."